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Born as Charles Jackson, better known to the world as Swiffa Baby, (f.k.a Young Swift); the 24 year old North Carolina native is one of music’s diamonds in the rough. This prolific rapper breathes new energy into the game of hip–hop with a dynamic mix of melodic beats and progressive lyrical content. Considered a rarity in Hip-Hop today, Swiffa Baby delivers quick-witted lyricism and a commanding stage presence of a seasoned professional.
Born in the early 90’s and a product of the Hip-Hop era, Swiffa Baby’s affinity for music started at a very early age with the introduction of the Motown soul sound and R&B music fostered by his mother, a singer and uncle, a talented and acclaimed music producer who in addition played musical instruments. Discovering his gift, Swiffa Baby started his first group 3Way at the age of 14 with two other members. Like most groups, eventually they will fall apart. Swiffa Baby’s first member left the group to pursue other options. Swiffa Baby and the remaining group member regrouped, changed their name, JS-Dub, and was on their way to building a strong hometown fan base and online presence when suddenly the remaining member quit. This decision left Swiffa Baby confused and discouraged. He was not just a group member or a friend to Swiffa Baby, he was like a brother. Swiffa Baby found the courage to move on. There was a drive inside of him. Swiffa Baby knew from within no matter what happened, he had to keep it moving… His solo career began!


In 2007 Swiffa Baby started the Charge Nation label. Swiffa Baby began working overtime honing his craft.  Performing and making appearances locally, he began to build a strong buzz in his hometown, Durham, NC. Releasing his first solo mixtape “Welcome to the Rap House,” Swiffa Baby enjoyed the success of his first local hit single “Do it Big.” The single created an even stronger following and was soon followed by a slew of singles that turned into hometown favorites; one of which later helped Swiffa Baby score a deal with super producer No ID, currently with Def Jam Records. Swiffa Baby enjoyed underground success under the Charge Nation label with his single “Cool Dude." The single was picked up and placed in regular rotation on both commercial and XM Satellite Radio, uncommon for an unsigned artist.

Swiffa Baby knew at some point he had to move to a bigger market. In 2009, He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. There he met two people that would be very influential in his career, DJ Nando and A.B.  Initially, together they found difficulty breaking into the Atlanta music scene.  Swiffa Baby was new to Atlanta and considered an outsider. Additionally, Swiffa Baby’s style of hip hop was a blend of old school with a new school spin…he was different. Again, Swiffa Baby found himself faced with adversity. Swiffa Baby along with DJ Nando and A.B collectively continued to believe and kept pushing forward. Eventually everything changed!

Swiffa Baby quickly learned the ropes of the business and was able to gain respect and recognition within the Atlanta music scene. Since, Swiffa Baby have worked with and featured by many renowned producers, well-known artists, and DJ. These include 9th. Wonder, Don Cannon, Drumma Boy, Maestro, Mike Will, No I.D, Shawty Redd, Sunny Digital, Jim Jones, Gorilla Zoe, August Alsina, DJ Nando, Brian Dawson, and many more. These relationships have led to features and collaborations with many mainstream artists and well respected industry professionals.

In 2010, Swiffa Baby commanded further attention with the successful mixtape, "2010" and in early 2011, another "Guns & Roses" which featured appearances by artists: J. Holiday, Rocko, Slick Pulla & Yung Joc.  Swiffa Baby released yet another independent project, "The Yellow Tape" setting the stage as a new force to be reckoned with.
One night while Swiffa Baby was at the club, one of his songs was being played by the DJ. Also in attendance was Grammy award-winning artist Akon who heard the song and immediately went to the DJ booth to inquire who the artist on the record was. Swiffa Baby was introduced to Akon and a few months later Swiffa Baby was inking a deal with Konlive Distrubtions. Swiffa Baby spent the next year releasing music, videos, and performing. More good luck followed! In February 2012, Swiffa Baby was picked up by Def Jam Records and signed his second major deal.

Now a part of the Def Jam label, Swiffa Baby went on to feature on Epic recording artist Cash Out’s hit single “Turn Up.” Swiffa Baby`s first single "I Like" featuring "Young Jeezy" enjoyed commercial success. In December 2012, Swiffa Baby released the smash mixtape, M.D.M.I. (Major Deal, Minor Issues), which features the aforementioned "I Like" & "Get Naked." Swiffa Baby was on the rise when a turn of fate once again challenged his character and desire to succeed in a business that have sustained major changes over the last decade.

After the release of M.D.M.I, things went downhill fast. Swiffa Baby was not prepared for what was to come in the following months. Whether it was bad business or just plain old bad timing, everything just fell apart. Within a year of signing with Def Jam and two years with Konlive, Swiffa Baby was released from Def Jam and ultimately requested his release from Konlive Distribution…which he was granted. Moving on, Swiffa Baby was preparing to release his next mix tape when tragedy struck. On October 26, 2013, Swiffa Baby lost his closest confidant of ten years and label mate Rio Corleone to gun violence. This occurrence devastated Swiffa Baby and propelled him into a depression. Three month later, Swiffa Baby’s close friend and respected colleague DJ Nando was too a victim of gun violence. For a second time, Swiffa Baby was devastated! He felt depleted of life and energy and became numb and distant to everything. DJ Nando was one of the people who put it all on the line for Swiffa Baby. Nando believed in Swiffa Baby’s talent 110 percent and never failed to boast the praises of Swiffa Baby’s amazing talent.

Experiencing such devastation in a short period of time, these events have in no way defeated Swiffa Baby’s spirit. Like so many people who have had so much taken away from them, they are faced with a choice, lay it all down and don’t get back up or move forward full speed ahead. Swiffa Baby have chosen the latter. “I will take the good and the bad from the past and use the experiences to guide me in the now…2015. I will continue to push towards a dream that I started at the age of 13. Releasing my latest project ‘Supreme,’ I’ve put together some of my best work. I am continuing to grow as an artist and a man.  I am ready to state my claim in this business and finally make it happen!” With thousands of fans and respected relationships with mainstream producers and artists, everyone is paying close attention to Hip-Hop`s newest heavy hitter and his name is Swiffa Baby!

-Apollo Theatre (2007).
- Opening act for Neyo, Monica, and Lloyd (2007).
-Radio Plays Hot 107.9 (Atlanta) declared winner after a series new artist spotlight contests, 102 Jams (Greensboro NC).
-Live Radio Interviews with Leo G and Nina Nine (XM Radio), DVS and Wade Banner K97.5 (Raleigh/Durham).
-Performances in Dominican Republic (2013), South by South West (2012), Utah (2013).